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Solar Borehole In Nigeria

We specialize in the installation of solar powered borehole in Nigeria

We’ve been installing Solar Boreholes In Nigeria since 2001

You have erected that beautiful edifice and you have that electrically powered borehole that requires electricity from either the national power line grid or a generator set. Then on a certain day, you forget to withdraw from the ATM and have no cash lying around. You arrive at home and remember you forgot to put on your electricity powered pump. Therefore, no water for consumption and other tasks. You end up carrying kegs and trek about looking for water sellers. Not a good sight.

We are in Nigeria, and we are all aware of the power situation. We’ve all witnessed the effects of the epileptic power supply in Nigeria. Hence, everyone has embraced the ‘I PASS MY NEIGHBOR’ technology. But we all agree, that at the same time the cost of petrol has skyrocketed significantly. Therefore, if you decide to go the generator way, you’ll have to spend money on buying petrol daily to enable you to pump water for use.

Or maybe, you recently moved to that remote area with no access to electricity and you have to burn petrol daily to have access to water. We enjoin you to do a roughly estimated calculation of your expenses on petrol or diesel for water production daily for a week or month and you’ll marvel.

These are just a few scenarios. There are many others with significant impact on the individual or the environment. We at Water Borehole Drillers Nigeria have come with the optimum solution to these problems, now and in the future. Solar Borehole is your gateway to unlimited and less expensive means of water supply. Let’s explain the technicalities to you a bit.

A solar powered borehole or solar powered pump runs on electricity generated by the radiated solar energy available from collected sunlight as opposed to the use of grid electricity or diesel and petrol generators for the same purpose. Solar boreholes are useful where grid electricity is epileptic. It can deliver water for consumption as well as for other uses. The most common variety of solar boreholes is the submersible borehole pump which is generally used for borehole pumping applications where water is pumped from depths of up to 230m below ground level.

Not many people have embraced and enjoyed the significant benefits of the solar water pump in Nigeria, so you could be among the first to pioneer this wonderful technology. Its use is more economical due to the lower operation and maintenance costs and has less environmental impact than other methods. The solar boreholes we design and install for our clients are standard and are the most prevalent ones being patronized in the international market and they do not need any external connection to mains power connections.

We’re United Nation’s sole Solar borehole company in Nigeria and Sub-Sahara AFrica

Who wouldn’t want that 24/7 guarantee of water at any time of the day or night? No hassles for petrol and no concern for PHCN over your water availability. We give you access to the optimum solar powered borehole in Nigeria.  Our access to the best manufacturers worldwide ensures you get the best available.

The solar powered borehole water pump that Water Borehole Drillers offers you is the best in the market in terms of operation, economic benefits, the test of time, warranty and low maintenance cost. Many Nigerians have engaged this service from other companies and have abandoned their solar borehole infrastructure. With us, you might even get bored with the 24/7 availability of water due to uninterrupted power from the sunlight due to the quality of personnel who installed it for your use.

If you think that the cost will be the issue because of the guarantee of 24/7 water supply, then you are in good hands. We ensure you have access to the best and most affordable and quality solar borehole pump in Nigeria as we partner with some of the best submersible pump dealers in Nigeria. You get your money’s worth 100% and incur no loss. With our services, be rest assured because you are securing tomorrow’s water production price in the now. Solar submersible pump price in Nigeria will never be an issue as you align with us and enjoy the services we offer.

Our renowned and well-experienced personnel design, supply and install solar water pump systems for a wide variety of applications including domestic water supplies, water transfer, irrigation, livestock watering, swimming pools and industrial pumping applications. So whether its small scale or large scale, with Water Borehole Drillers Nigeria, you are covered! The solar borehole installation procedures they employ are industry and worldwide certified.

Become our client and have access to the best solar borehole pumps in Nigeria. Embrace the solar pump for borehole water supply in Nigeria through Water Borehole Drillers Nigeria. Hire us and derive utility from unlimited and uninterrupted water supply. Send us a mail, fill our form or pick your phone and call us now.

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